The project will develop and demonstrate the reliable operation of three different off-grid, remote power systems from three different manufacturers. The main requirements of the generators are:

  • Start-up and operation at -40°C to +50°C ambient temperature for natural gas
  • Start-up and operation at -20°C to +50 °C ambient temperature for Propane and LPG
  • Electrical output of the systems will variate between 0.5 and 5 kWe
  • High electrical efficiency (> 35%)
  • Standard remote communication/monitoring solution
  • Long-term desulphurization (15 months)
  • Long term validation and demonstration in relevant environment to gain reliable data from field (> 24 months)
  • High availability (98.5 %)

Beside the requirements for the generators, also the following technical issues will be targeted:

  • Service and maintenance concept defined (Maintenance frequency 15 months)
  • General supply chain for critical and general BOP component (Cost reduction ~ 40%)
  • Meet the regionally different normative requirements with a modular design