RoRePower Project
started 1.1.2019
& terminated 31.12.2024 successfully

Robust & remote fuel cell systems for continuous, off-grid power supply open very promising export markets for the European fuel cell industry. In this RoRePower project fuel cell technology were characterized by key requirements such as low maintenance, long service life of components, capability of remote monitoring and reliable operation in critical applications like oil, gas, or safety infrastructure. In addition, they also operated in harsh climate conditions both in cold and hot regions.

The overall objective of this project was to further develop and demonstrate a reliable solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems for off-grid power generation in markets, such as the gas and oil infrastructure in remote regions with harsh climate conditions (from -40 to +50°C), and the power supply of telecommunication towers especially in emerging countries (e.g. telecom base stations or microwave transceivers).

50 RoRePower units

have been developed, successfully installed and operated in relevant customer environment all over the world during the RoRePower project. Get an overview in the  interactive world installation overview map.

In addition to the market- and client-related experience, a great deal of installation and operating expertise has been gained on the technical side. We would have liked to have done even more, but with a total of almost 400,000 operating hours, which corresponds to around 555 months or 45 years, we have been able to convincingly demonstrate the functionality, availability and reliability of the system.

Joint development strengthens the sector

In the RRP project, the three leading European manufacturers of integrated stacks and systems, SUNFIRE GMBH, SOLIDPOWER SPA, SUNFIRE FUEL CELLS GMBH, convincingly demonstrate how, even as competitors, product development and improvement can be driven forward together in an efficient, time saving and solution-oriented manner.

This shows clients broadness and stability of the future market cultivation. It also provides the European component and material suppliers increased economies of scales and more stable demand conditions, which strengthen the whole European sector.

More about RoRePower

Find out more about the results and activities in the RoRePower project in this RESULT section.

Somewhat relativizing, it should be added that hardly any details may be published. On the one hand, these are trade secrets, development advances and, in many cases, confidential information that belongs to the operators of the plants, i.e. the (satisfied) customers.

But if you are interested in finding out more about the Robust and Remote fuel cell based Power systems developed in the RoRePower project , then «Specify your needs» here  and we will get back to you or contact the relevant project partners directly.