Customer: Independant micro grid owner

Location: Sardinia

BG-Remote system has been installed to provide power to an independent microgrid in areas where the environmental temperature can rise above 45°C and close to the sea where the salt content in the air can be critical for power electronic.


Our customer own a micro grid not connected to the main grid where several power source, mainly renewable, energy storage and loads are connected simultaneously. The customer was looking for a reliable and predictable power source, fed by LPG and natural gas, able to provide the base load.


To cope with those challenging customer has selected the BG-Remote system. The system developed by Solydera allows to exploit and extend the capability of operation with LPG of its reliable commercial product (Bluegen BG15).


The test campaign has demonstrate on the field for this system the possibility to operate with mixture of propane and butane, purified by the olefine, at high efficiency. Test campaign has also highlight some issue with dirty LPG (high olefine content) given to Solydera the possibility to develop further and looking for solutions capable to extend the fuel flexibility of their future product.

This reference project shows how we provide our customers with customized solutions for their unique challenges. Learn more about our innovative BG-remote power supply SOFC system and contact us for more information.

Source: SolydEra SpA