Customer: Leading European wind park provider

Location: Spanien

A leading wind farm developer has been using Sunfire-Remote in combination with PV systems to power various construction sites since 2014, ensuring uninterrupted operation, including nighttime marking lights, during the construction phase.


Night marker lights are essential for modern and powerful wind turbines. A leading wind farm developer has relied on Sunfire Remote in combination with PV systems since 2014 to provide power for various construction sites during the construction phase.


One of the world’s leading wind farm developers and installers relies on our fuel cell generators to provide clean electricity for wind turbine obstruction lighting during construction. The PV hybrid solutions have been deployed from project to project across Europe since 2014.


The challenges of ensuring a robust, reliable and environmentally friendly power supply for obstruction lighting during construction are overcome with Sunfire Remote and PV Hybrid solutions. Carefree operation, easy relocation to new construction sites, long refueling and maintenance intervals, and remote monitoring of the power supply are some of the benefits offered by this solution.

Our reference projects show how we support our customers in the wind power industry in ensuring a reliable power supply during the construction phase. Learn more about our innovative solutions and how they can improve your wind power projects. We have provided an example of the emergency power supply for a wind power plant here provided for you. Contact us for more information to our environmentally friendly technologies.

Source: Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH