Installations during RoRePower project

How to read the interactive map!

The RoRePower logo is based on Robust-Remote-Power, a strong, robust bear that moves unstoppably & independently through the harsh world. Wherever an installation has been made, the RRP bear stands up and asserts itself.

The bear is larger or smaller depending on how long the installation has been running.
The bear has a different color depending on the application sector (see example after the map).

AND press the green buttons and/or the bears beside it, to get more information for these installation locations.

Examples h
ow to read the map:

A medium-sized, brown bear in Malaysia represents an installation
that has been running successfully in the oil & gas sector for between 12 and 24 months until the end of 2024

11 large, black bears in the USA represent 11 installations
that have all run successfully in the telecoms sector for more than 24 months by the end of 2024.